We are not a dance studio, but rather a dance home. A safe haven that consists of members of a family. We represent love, positivity, encouragement and unity. Upon entering into our home, all judgement will be washed away. You will always be free to express yourself, through your mind, your soul, and your body. In the Rain, we see all skin colors. We love and embrace each other for who we are, and what we represent. We don’t see size, shape, grades, or popularity. In fact we close our eyes, so that nothing on the surface level is seen. We speak to each other with our movements. We speak to ourselves with our bodies. To the one that dances in front of the mirror before getting into the shower: you are amazing. To the one that hums while pointing their toes underneath their desk, you are exquisite. To the one that dances at the bus stop with their headphones on: you are incredible. To the one that looks around to make sure no one is watching before you move your body: you are beautiful. And to the one who feels unnoticed: We see you.

Love you.

Be you.

Express you.

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